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Why perform security monitoring?

Regularly scanning the external perimeter of a site is critical to keeping it secure for several reasons:

Vulnerability detection

Regularly scanning the external perimeter of the site allows you to detect potential security vulnerabilities. This allows problems to be identified and fixed early, before they can be exploited by attackers.

Protection against new threats

New types of malware and attacks appear regularly, and regular scanning of the external perimeter of the site helps to identify such new threats and update the protection systems of the site to prevent attacks.

Standards Compliance

Some regulators require regular scanning of the site's external perimeter to ensure compliance with security standards. For example, an online store may be required to comply with PCI DSS standards, which require regular scanning.

Increasing user trust

Regularly scanning the site's external perimeter and fixing vulnerabilities found can help increase user trust in the site and its owners.

Save Resources

Regularly scanning the external perimeter of a site can help prevent wasted resources and time to clean up the aftermath of an attack, as well as reduce the likelihood of a site going down indefinitely.

In general, regularly scanning the external perimeter of a site is an important component of a site's security policy and helps prevent attacks by providing an additional layer of protection.